Heart Breaking New Rules of YouTube 2019


On the twentieth of Feb Youtube demonetized all channels with but one thousand subscribers and four,000 hours annual watch time, ejecting them from the Youtube partner programme that amongst many advantages enclosed monetization of videos that in most cases for Youtubers resulted in a very token come of generally regarding $5-10 per month. therefore the blow for being ejected from the youtube partner programme wasn’t money. This leaves tiny Youtubers with an unbroken uphill battle to achieve the new bar set at one thousand subs and 4k watch time hours before they’ll be reconsidered for change of integrity the Youtube partner programme.
However, the approx three million of today’s channels that did manage to exceed the new minimum requirements mustn’t sit on their laurels as a result of it’s extremely probable that now next year area unit going to see a fair higher bar being set as YouTube effectively seeks to remodel itself from YOUTube into a broadcaster of in style channels that are advertiser-friendly. Which means the age of YOU Tube is returning to associate finish because the video serving platform transforms itself into AdTube or CelebTube, however definitely NOT YOUtube because of the history of changes counsel.

In Apr 2017, Youtube declared the primary restriction of 10k lifespan views to be a part of the partner programme, that was an associate insignificant hurdle for many because it ought to are simply realizable by people who place a touching effort into their channels.

In Jan 2018 Youtube raised the bar exponentially higher, leveling to approximately currently requiring one hundred twenty,000 views once a year (4000 watch hours), and paired with a one thousand subscriber count. This effectively culls the amount of monetized channels from approx six million right down to three million.

So what area unit likely to be the new Youtube Partner rules to be declared early 2019?

Well, currently more or less three million Youtube channels meet the new partner programme requirements that I’m certain Youtube can wish to more scale back to a lot of manageable variety for its ten,000 used video reviewers to manually watch to see in terms of quality for advertisers.

In all probability Youtube, next revision to the partner programme rules can probably see the number of channels monetized reduced to underneath one million. And information gleaned from Social Blade suggests that would mean that the 2019 Youtube partner programme minimum necessities will probably be set at 4000 subscribers and ten,000 Watch time hours. that is currently what all Youtubers UN agency managed to satisfy the 2018 partner programme necessities ought to currently work towards, else realize themselves ejected from the Youtube partner programme throughout 2019. this may translate into solely 2 hundredths of today’s 1k+ subscriber channels managing to attain the 2019 target.

However, it’s unlikely to finish there as 2020 in all probability going} to check Youtube more cull the partner channel count by cutting the number of channels it monitors for advertisers from approx one million (2019) to probably underneath 1/2 million. And once more analysis of knowledge gleaned from Social Blade suggests attaining this the new 2020 minimum partner programme necessities are set at ten,000 subscribers and twenty,000 watch time hours per annum.

And that is what all of today’s two.5 million tiny YouTubers with but ten,000 subscribers ought to expect to throughout 2019 and 2020 as intentionally MOST i.e. a minimum of ninety-fifth won’t be ready to reach the 2020 necessities. that is that the primary objective for AdTube to cut back the partner programme right down to a lot of manageable variety of but 1/2 million monetized channels instead of this three million monetized channels.


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