Artificial Intelligence 
Artificial intelligence (AI) has already had a big impact on however major search engines rank websites. In fact, Google currently uses AI to mimic human behavior on these sites. By victimization AI to duplicate human engagement on varied pages, Google obtains valuable knowledge regarding however easy every web site is.

Google and alternative major search engines UN agency utilize AI for a similar operation, then reward sites that demonstrate high levels of usability, by bumping them up the search engines rankings. AI is, therefore, set to vary SEO in 2019, by shifting the main focus back onto user behavior.

Paid Channels
SEO specialists anticipate that major search engines, together with Google, can continue depleting the house obtainable for organic listings, in favor of paid search ads. In 2018, most major search engines continued to feature extra space for paid ads, pushing organic listings any and any down. Experts, therefore, counsel that SEO marketers are going to be forced to figure even more durable, to confirm that their organic listings reach the highest 3 positions. it’ll conjointly force marketers to expand their promoting ways to incorporate a mixture of native SEO and paid searches. Otherwise, your content risks being hidden below the new wave of paid advertisements.

Mobile Dominance
Over half all searches area unit currently conducted from mobile phones. SEO specialists predict that the dominance of mobile searches can continue in 2019, and influence the approach content is delivered. In 2018 Google discharged a brand new compartmentalization update to place mobile user expertise in their organic search listings.

Google has conjointly recently proclaimed that Google AdWords is going to be ready to check the mobile-friendliness of landing pages. it’s expected that alternative major search engines can unharness their own similar updates in 2019. this implies that so as to achieve the highest of organic listings, all website content can have to be compelled to be optimized for mobile use.

The move to the AI sector, voice search, and mobile dominance area unit all exciting trends in SEO improvement that area unit set to continue. Anyone hoping to master the science of SEO has to listen to those trends and make sure that there content and methods area unit prepared for the challenges and opportunities of 2019.


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